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Vital Signs: Power of Peer Referrals - PPA Today

Vital Signs: Power of Peer Referrals


Dear PPA Member,

"'s about who you know."

Sometimes, success and business come from the most unexpected places--other photographers, for instance. Have you ever gotten a call from a potential client, only to have to turn them away because of previous bookings, location problems, or demands that lie outside of your specialty?

Sooner or later, this scenario happens to every photographer. You can still help the client by referring another photographer who you know has the skills and time to meet the demands of the project. In addition to helping the client, you'll be building a network that can bring you business in the future.

PPA and PPA Affiliates can help you build that network and, in turn, your business. Referrals, as we've mentioned before in previous Vital Signs, can drive your sales through the roof--and with a referral from another photographer, it's even easier. Read more in this week's Vital Signs article, Power of Peer Referrals.

Christel Aprigliano
Director of Member Value & Experience

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