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Vital Signs: Perfecting the Client Consultation - PPA Today

Vital Signs: Perfecting the Client Consultation


Dear PPA Member,

I've had my fair share of hairstyles throughout the years. From varying shades of blonde (and a single weekend as a redhead), super short and spiky to long and curly, there wasn't a cut or color I was afraid to try. Once, I even bleached my hair "platinum" and cut it about a half-inch in length. That look wasn't an accident--it took planning with my hairstylist (and multiple confirmations that I did, in fact, want to cut off all my hair). I knew what I wanted and had to make sure that the person with the scissors and bottle of bleach understood me. We both wanted to walk away happy--me with my new look, and my hairstylist with a return client.

While your clients may not be coming to you for a new hairstyle, they are coming to you to capture a moment in time. And a client consultation allows both of you to understand what is expected and what can be provided. By knowing what your clients truly want, you are more likely to provide them with positive experiences and images that they'll treasure. That's the topic of this week's Vital Signs.

My current hairstylist has convinced me to grow my hair longer than a pixie cut, and the "Susan Powter look" has transformed into more natural shades. But you never know... there may be a client consultation in the future where I'll smile and say: "I'm channeling Susan again, so 'let's stop the insanity.'" And because he knows what I want, he'll know exactly what to do--and I'll know what to expect.

Christel Aprigliano
Director of Member Value & Experience

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