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Vital Signs: Outrunning the Competition - PPA Today

Vital Signs: Outrunning the Competition

Unless you're the only person on a desert island selling your services, you probably deal with competition on a daily basis. Competition helps us stay sharp, look forward, and hopefully, inspires us to bigger and better things.

There will always be competition. Whether it's a new photographer beginning their business in your area, or a seasoned photographer wanting to capture more prospective clients, you need to focus on what's important--getting your information out there so potential clients know about you.

When a fellow photographer like Bob Coates shares great information about what works, we love to pass it on to you--especially when the tips given don't cost much (or anything at all!). While you may already incorporate some of his ideas into your business, this Vital Signs article may trigger new thoughts.

PPA is here to help you in different ways...protecting, educating, and providing resources so that you can stay in business. We'll continue to share what other photographers are doing right now to stay successful. And if you've got something that works for you, share it with us by e-mailing me at You may find yourself as the subject of a future Vital Signs with your great ideas for outrunning the competition! 

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