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Vital Signs: Multi-Generational Portraiture: One Big, Happy Family? - PPA Today

Vital Signs: Multi-Generational Portraiture: One Big, Happy Family?

Creating family portraits in any shape is a big responsibility. The images you create will become part of the family's collective memory. They'll remember the funny sounds you used to make the little ones laugh, the special moment between the bride and her father, or how you made mom look like she belongs on the cover of a magazine.

But are you ready for an even bigger responsibility? Multi-generationally bigger?

It's one thing to go on location for a few hours with four members of the Smith family. It's an entirely different story when you start adding in members of their extended family. Think of the potential disorder that could ensue with grandparents, parents and grandkids in the same place for several hours. Just think about your own large family gathering...then add a photographer to the mix trying to keep everything and everyone organized. It could be chaos. Done right, though, it can be a great experience for all.

Here are some ideas to help you stay afloat as you wade into the waters of multi-generational portraiture.

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