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Vital Signs: Letting your clients know about PPA - PPA Today

Vital Signs: Letting your clients know about PPA

Dear PPA Member,

Let's play "make-a-believe." (That's what I called it as a kid.)

I'm your client. While you've got great images and I like you, I also like other photographers in your area who have great images. What makes me want to choose you?

If this took place a few years ago and you said, "Well, you should choose me because I'm a PPA member," I would have stared at you and thought, "What's that?" Now, I wouldn't choose a photographer who isn't part of PPA...because I know why being a PPA member is important, not only to photographers, but to clients as well.

This week's Vital Signs talks about the power of PPA and how you can share the importance of being a PPA member with your clients. And there's nothing "make-a-believe" about that.

Christel Aprigliano
Director of Member Value & Experience

P.S. PPA members already receive a discount on PhotoVision 2010--your stop for information from the industry's leading image makers. Now you can preview 15 minutes of the next issue! PPA Members log in here to receive PhotoVision 2010 at the special price of $39 (that's $110 in savings!) and gain access to the next issue's preview.

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