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Vital Signs: Know the Issues that Impact You - PPA Today

Vital Signs: Know the Issues that Impact You

Every day we hear something on the news about Capitol Hill and legal or governmental issues. Many of us tend to tune it out after a while because it becomes difficult to sift through the subjects to find the ones that really impact us...and even then it's just plain hard to understand what's going on!

But that doesn't mean it's not important to know what's going on. Will a legal decision affect your business? Is there a law being debated that will help or hinder your copyrights? As the only professional photographic association with a full-time Copyright & Government Affairs staff that maintains a regular presence on Capitol Hill, PPA has dedicated itself to protecting and defending your intellectual property and livelihood. We can help you focus your attention where needed.

Here is a quick look at some important issues you should be watching.

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