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Vital Signs: How to Win the Balance Act - PPA Today

Vital Signs: How to Win the Balance Act

Dear PPA Member,

Some days are harder than others when you're a photographer running a studio or home-based business. Mix in competition and a bad economy--now try to figure out what that ends up costing you! For many, the price is longer work hours, less personal time to spend with family and friends, and you can forget about long weekends, not to mention vacations.

Everyone is trying to figure out how to stay ahead of the game, whether it involves creating new marketing strategies or business plans. Everyone is asking, "What else can I do to keep money flowing in and clients coming through the doors?"

One outplacement firm CEO says, "Holding onto your job right now is more important for many than getting more work/life balance."

But you can strike a balance between work and home. It just takes a little effort and self-control. In this week's Vital Signs, we'll give you tips on how to find that balance between your work and home life...and why it's essential.

Christel Aprigliano
Director of Membership

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