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Vital Signs: Getting Clients to Say "Yes" - PPA Today

Vital Signs: Getting Clients to Say "Yes"

Dear PPA Member,

I believe that we're all born salespeople. If you've ever convinced a child to go to bed, or your parents that you could stay out past curfew--or even convinced friends to choose one restaurant over another--you're selling something. Some individuals have an innate talent for sales and make it look "easy." But if you talk with them, they'll reveal that they've heard "no" just as often as "yes."

Selling is a skill, as is photography. To get better at a skill, you practice, seek out tips and tricks, and never stop learning. And as a photographer who runs a business, you have to be skilled as both a photographer and a salesperson. Otherwise, those beautiful images you capture will look great...hanging on a wall in your basement.

This week's Vital Signs is an important read for anyone who has gotten a "no" when they should get a "yes." That means this is an important read...for everyone.

Christel Aprigliano
Director of Member Value & Experience


Thanks for the reminder about the value of improving our sales skills. It may not be as fun for many of us as attending a seminar with a master photographer, but it may well be a much more profitable way for us to invest in our businesses.

Carol Lundeen
Carol Lundeen Photography
Boston, MA

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