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Vital Signs: Commercial Photography--How Much Should I Charge - PPA Today

Vital Signs: Commercial Photography--How Much Should I Charge


Dear PPA Member,

What price do you place on the value of your work?

You could get all philosophical and say that your work is, like the Mastercard ad, "priceless." But when it comes to having your clients pay you for the services you provide, you have to have a price in mind. After all, those new camera bodies and lenses don't grow on trees. (If you do have one of those trees, I'd keep that a secret.)

Whether you're an established commercial photographer or are looking to branch out into commercial work, this week's Vital Signs covers the considerations needed for effective commercial pricing. Even if you're not a commercial photographer, don't miss the information on valuing usage rights, something all photographers need to understand.

Sea Monkey (thumbnail)Cheers,
Christel Aprigliano
Director of Member Value & Experience

P.S. Remember last week's Vital Signs introduction, where I compared my sea monkey experience to testing the waters with a new vendor? Well, Scott Kurkian, PPA's CFO, was so moved by my admission that I was given this.

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