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Vital Signs: Certification: What's In It for Me? - PPA Today

Vital Signs: Certification: What's In It for Me?

Dear PPA Member,

Twice this week, I was reminded of how having a certification makes a difference to consumers.

First reminder: It's tax time. (Your taxes are done, right?) Rather than have my taxes done by Bob's neighbor's cousin who works at a car dealership but once took a tax course and does tax returns on the side, I made a conscious choice to have a CPA look at my return. I trust the CPA, because they're certified.

My second reminder? The dreaded "find a doctor" game. I'm in the market for a new one, and in the process of making my decision, one of the deciding factors is certification. My doctor must be board certified. Why? There are a lot of great doctors out there who went to great schools and have thriving practices. However, being "board certified" is voluntary and shows that these doctors are committed to continuing to educate themselves in their field, which is frankly, an assurance that I'm getting the best care possible.

This week's Vital Signs talks about the Certified Professional Photographer program. Like being a "board certified" physician, it's voluntary and shows that a professional photographer is committed to providing the best care possible to a client--and that can only be a win for your business.

Christel Aprigliano
Director of Member Value & Experience

P.S. While we hope that you're done with your taxes, PPA has some great last minute tips (and even a webinar to help you!).

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