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Vital Signs: Catering to Your Sport Photography Clients - PPA Today

Vital Signs: Catering to Your Sport Photography Clients

Dear PPA Member,

One of my favorite images of my younger brother was taken by a league photographer. You could just see the love of the game on that eight-year-old's face, proudly dressed in his catcher's outfit. The photographer created a baseball card from that image, and for me, that memento of his baseball season is more valuable than a stack of Topps cards.

Many, many people are sport fanatics, whether it's a professional team at the Super Bowl or an eight-year-old's Little League game (and I won't even mention soccer moms, dads and grandparents). If you, as a photographer, love sports, too, what better way is there to combine your passions than by getting into sport photography? Sport photographers get to show individuals doing what they love.

Of course, there is much more needed for success in sport photography than just a love of the game. Superstars need to practice, get coaching and understand the game fundamentals--and if your "game" is photography, it's no different. This week's Vital Signs can help you get off the bench and...

Play ball!

Christel Aprigliano
Director of Member Value & Experience

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