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Vital Signs: Catering to Senior Clients - PPA Today

Vital Signs: Catering to Senior Clients

Dear PPA Member,

Please allow me to be bitter for just a minute.

Back when I had my senior photos taken (and I say "photos," not "portraits"), I had a choice of two backgrounds: a standard canvas background or a fake bookcase canvas background. (I found it funny that those who chose the bookcase background in my yearbook were often the ones who never picked up a book...but I digress.)

It was a "Click. Turn your head. Click. Smile. Click. No smile. Thank you. Next," kind of experience. I envy the youth of today who have the opportunity to work with their photographers to create images that are as unique as the students.

This week's Vital Signs talks about those students, how to connect with them and what you can do as a photographer to keep the experience fresh. Students today are lucky--as are the photographers who capture them.


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