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Expressing Gratitude and Meaning it - PPA Today

Expressing Gratitude and Meaning it


Dear PPA Member,

"Thank you," two small but powerful words...our mothers were right all along. Saying thank you in a personal way to your customers, marketing partners, and vendors can help you develop, enhance, and strengthen the personal relationships that a good business is built upon. 

At PPA, we say "thank you" to the hundreds of volunteers that make a nonprofit, member-owned association like PPA possible. PPA Councilors, the Boards of our affiliated organizations around the world, teachers, speakers, and all you hard-working individuals--together you help make PPA more than a magazine, a tradeshow, or a list of discounts. PPA isn't a company; it is a professional association of photographers working together. Our bottom line isn't profits; it is a better life for our members. 

Of course, we must also say "thanks" to you, photographers who are serious about your profession and dedicated to improving your photographic ability, growing your business, and helping lift the profession. You are the foundation of PPA, and we say, "Thank YOU."

Al Hopper
Director of Membership

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