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Data Loss...You might be next


Dear PPA Member,

Are you absolutely certain that the images from your most recent jobs are safe? What if your computer was struck by lighting, your external hard drive crashed, or your studio or home burned to the ground? There are few things that can mess up your day (and your business) as much as a data loss. Read more about data loss and how to prevent it in this week's article, Data Loss...You might be next.

You don't think it can happen? The operative word is "when"--not "if"--you will experience a hard drive crash. This year PPA's Indemnification Trust, our unique malpractice protection program, will have helped 400 members who experienced a data loss in conjunction with an assignment. This is double the number of data loss claims handled by the Trust just last year. Fortunately for PPA members, the Trust is in very sound financial shape and is there to help.

Of course, the best thing to do is avoid the problem. Can you imagine telling a bride that you had a little computer glitch and lost all the wedding images? Or telling a commercial client that you'll have to do a time-consuming re-shoot? Clients expect that you, as a professional, will care for their images. Think of the negative word-of-mouth advertising such a problem could bring.

Taking care of clients means taking care of their images. And remember, when data loss and other heart-stopping upheavals happen, PPA is here to help take care of you.

Al Hopper,
Director of Membership

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