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Blogging: The Next Step - PPA Today

Blogging: The Next Step


Dear PPA Member,

I'm a guy...and hearing the words "we need to talk" is scary. But I've learned through the years that communicating with photographers, letting them know more about PPA and all the things that we can do for them is a great way to develop a relationship (the same goes for you, your clients, and potential clients). And relationships are one of the most important keys to growing your business.

Communicating (and creating these relationships) is what blogging is all about. Last week's message started our conversation about blogging and how to use it in your business. This week's message gets deeper into the subject and can help you get started with your own blog.

Blogging, talking, communicating...whatever term we use, it is important for your customers and your potential clients to view you as a friend and their personal photographer. It can help grow your reputation and your business. And helping photographers grow their business with resources like this--even in the toughest times--is why PPA is here. 

Al Hopper
Director of Membership

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