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9 Tips for Extreme Customer Service - PPA Today

9 Tips for Extreme Customer Service

Dear PPA Member,

We have a team member here on staff who was recently struck with a case of "Extreme Customer Service."

Her neighborhood pharmacy called to say that while they didn't have her medication in stock, they had already contacted a competitor who did--and her prescription was waiting for her at the competitor's counter. Her local pharmacist called a few days later (on a Sunday) to find out how the medicine was working. 

Her pharmacy cared enough to take the extra step to help her out. In return, they have a loyal, "raving fan" of a customer. She's been telling everyone about her amazing customer service experience, and I bet that pharmacy will have more new customers soon. (After all, it's the best type of advertising...a testimonial that money and marketing can't buy!)

Not all customer experiences need to be that extreme. Sometimes it's a genuine smile or a simple pleasantry that can make a world of difference. Good news can spread just as fast as bad news, and it can bring you new clients, a better reputation, and even free advertisement.

If you're looking for a refresher on providing "Extreme Customer Service," you'll be happy to read this week's article. Read on to make an immediate impact and encourage clients to give you the type of advertising that money can't buy.


Christel Aprigliano
Director of Membership

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