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6 Marketing Tips from Your Award-Winning Peers - PPA Today

6 Marketing Tips from Your Award-Winning Peers

Dear PPA Member,

I love to learn from others. (No, I'm not talking about "borrowing" answers for the last few math assignments during school!) Hearing firsthand accounts of how someone made it big, overcame a mountain in their lives, or experienced a great business's inspiring. Afterwards, I'm all fired up, ready to try something new.

One thing I've learned here at PPA is that many photographers are willing to help others learn from their own successes. It's invaluable, especially now. This shared knowledge can only grow, as each person will use such advice and tips differently, spawning new examples and ideas themselves.

Vital Signs is following this trend today. We've gathered six marketing and business examples from articles about photographers' winning entries in the AN-NE Marketing Awards. Hopefully, you'll come across something that will click and help push your own idea into success.


Christel Aprigliano
Director of Member Value & Experience

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