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The Artist's Guide to GIMP Effects: GIMP for photography, special effects, and design - PPA Today

The Artist's Guide to GIMP Effects: GIMP for photography, special effects, and design


The GIMP, an image editor whose power and ease-of-use rivals that of Adobe Photoshop, is one of the world’s most popular free software tools. Artists and designers rely on the GIMP to retouch photographs, composite multiple images, and create artwork from scratch. The Artist’s Guide to GIMP Effects (No Starch Press, August 2007, $44.95, ISBN 978-1-59327-153-4) is a beautiful 4-color book that shows how to harness all of the GIMP's powerful features. Author Michael J. Hammel's extensively illustrated, step-by-step tutorials are perfect for hands-on learning and experimentation.

After a crash course in using the GIMP's interface and core tools (such as brushes, patterns, selections, layers, and masks), readers learn:

  • Photographic techniques to create ripped edges or sepia-tones, swap colors, produce motion blurs, even fix rips in an old photograph
  • Web and interface design techniques to create patterns, navigation tabs, and fancy buttons and borders
  • Type effects to create depth, perspective, and neon- and graffiti-style lettering
  • Special effects to simulate clouds, textures, cracks, lighting, and underwater effects
  • And much more

The Artist’s Guide to GIMP Effects is sure to teach readers some new tricks, whether they are new to the GIMP or have been playing with it for years.

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