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Texas Couple On-Board For Two Super Monday Classes - PPA Today

Texas Couple On-Board For Two Super Monday Classes

pollard_supermonday_1.jpgTwo is better than one. And since these two photographers joined together (both in marriage and in business!) they realized one of the greatest gifts of photography is sharing their knowledge and experience with other professionals. So Texas couple Laura Ann, CPP, and Randy, Cr.Photog., CPP, Pollard decided to do TWO Super Monday classes. Maybe after reading about this dynamic team you will also believe that two classes (and teachers) are better than one!

For Laura Ann, what began as merely a hobby grew into an official business in 2000, and her partner Randy joined her full time in 2004. Laura and Randy love the art of photography. Randy's favorite part of the photography process is "that moment you click that shutter and you get your first glimpse of what you had only imagined." In fact, the biggest compliment they ever received was from a bride and groom who continually raved about their 'art'. They consider that a huge breakthrough in their photography careers.

Teaching TWO Super Monday classes
When asked to teach a Super Monday class, the duo was hard pressed to choose just one topic.

"We were so torn on what to teach!" they said. "We feel we have a lot to share and hadpollard_supermonday_2.jpg trouble narrowing it down to two. We decided on 'What Do I Do Now? Coping With the Unexpected' because we've all been there - something breaks, you forgot some equipment, you encounter technical difficulties - to have some go-to's in your toolbox can truly save the day."
At the conclusion of this class, Laura and Randy want you to feel confident enough to know you can overcome any sticky situation. To know there is "more than one way to skin a cat" and you do have the tools in your arsenal to solve any problem that arises!

Their second class, "From Birth to Graduation - Photographing Children," covers another subject near and dear to their heart. In addition to weddings and family portraits, Laura and Randy have extensive experience in photographing children. Laura specializes in newborns and children while Randy tends to focus on tweens, teens and seniors. 

pollard_supermonday_3.jpg"We feel classes on photographing children are always in demand and we have so much to experience to share. We want photographers to understand some of the nuances of working with children. Newborns are not like 6-month-olds and require a different skill set. And guess what? One year olds CAN be fun..really!"

Teaching from Experience
Laura and Randy pride themselves on remaining unflappable in very difficult situations.

"We've had a number of 'incidents' happen to us at weddings. Weddings are very unforgiving - you have to think on your feet and get back up and running in a very short time. From lights being knocked over by drunk people, to flash cards going bad, and fauxtogs shooting over our shoulders, we've seen it all! Children's sessions have colicky babies, three-year-old meltdowns, and moms in tears! Truly, we've seen it all."

The classes will be held consecutive Monday's in May, with "What Do I Do Now?" on May 13 and "From Birth to Graduation" on May 20. The classes go from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and will be held at the Pollard's studio, L-Ann Imaging Studio, in Victoria, Texas. Find more information and register here.

Don't miss the opportunity to attend classes with two passionate, personable andpollard_supermonday_4.jpg experienced photographers. Choose one or's up to you!

Get the full list of Super Monday courses.


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