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Tamron Launches - PPA Today

Tamron Launches

Tamron, the innovative, high-performance lens company, has just announced a new, user-friendly way for everyone from casual shooters to serious shutterbugs to showcase their prized images, share them with like-minded enthusiasts, tell the fascinating stories of how they were created, and get valuable feedback that will help participants take their photography to the next level. To access this innovative, interactive blog-style sharing site, users just go to where they can answer regularly posted questions with a blog comment that includes the respondent's relevant photos and the stories behind them. The kick-off question is a midwinter classic: "Just how cold is it really? Show us your 'freeziest' winter shots and tell us all about the latest temps where you live or vacation." will be linked to the Tamron photo home page at Posted questions can be answered in the Comment section, and participants are encouraged to respond by posting one or more photos and any length story about the photo, tip on how it was created, hotel recommendations for the place where it was shot and more. "This is a responsive and interactive site designed to motivate a spirited exchange of images and ideas," notes Stacie Errera, Tamron's Marketing Director. "Many people are used to reading and posting on blogs these days and we feel this blog-style sharing site will be comfortable for users. We want people to respond to our posted questions with comments in the form of their own images and words, comment on each other's photos and stories, and have an entertaining and informative conversation. By posting frequent questions on a variety of topics, we hope to motivate people to come back frequently to see what's happening on this dynamic new site, to converse with their peers, and to have fun sharing a broad range of images."

The rules are simple: All content (words and photos) must be appropriate. Tamron reserves the right to delete inappropriate content and users can report any inappropriate content.  People will be able to subscribe to the blog's feed by going to the blog site and clicking the RSS button. Or people can become a Tamron fan on Facebook and receive updates about the latest questions posted. We believe will provide a unique and fulfilling way for picture-takers to expand their creative horizons. 

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