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Super Monday Instructors: The Fine Art of Marketing Fine Art Photography


moul_laura.jpgLaura Moul, M.Photog., CPP, of Milton, W.Va., knows all about the challenges of marketing fine art photography. A professional photographer since 1991, Moul is now a specialist in fine art landscape and nature photography because she loves the beauty of nature and the feeling of "capturing a moment in time."

Moul has become a specialist in fine art nature photography that she even earned her PPA degree (and Certified Professional Photographer status) using solely her landscape images during the image review process. She is also an artisan in Tamarack - Best of West Virginia, and her work has been displayed in many galleries and art shows throughout West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky.

Moul1.jpgEven more impressive than her creative talents are Moul's business skills, for they have allowed her to create a thriving business based on her fine art images...even in a slow economy where people aren't buying as much artwork.

"I try to provide a variety of products with various price points so that artwork can be more affordable for all," explains Moul about how she overcomes the challenges of a slower economy.

If you're thinking about entering the world of fine art photography--and want to do so successfully!--don't miss Moul's "Marketing Fine Art Photography" Super Monday class on October 25th at Twin Falls State Resort Park in Mullins, W.Va.

"Many portrait photographers are thinking of marketing landscape photos, but there are many things to consider before going into the art world," advises Moul. And that's why she's holding her class. "I try to help individuals learn the steps for proceeding into fine art marketing in a cautious manner."

Moul will share tips on networking, grant writing, booth set-ups, art shows, galleries and many other subjects during this class. Plus, she'll host an informal landscape photo shoot at Twin Falls State Resort Park on October 24th for those interested in arriving early!

Moul2.jpgLearn more about Moul's class, and browse more Super Monday classes in more locations at

Read more about Moul here.

Super Monday is an educational program, sponsored by PPA, every spring and fall. These daylong, interactive workshops are conducted in locations around the country, allowing PPA members to earn merits for sharing their craft and enabling all photographers to learn new skills and develop professional networking contacts.


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