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Super Monday Instructor: Designing to Sell with Tana LeMay - PPA Today

Super Monday Instructor: Designing to Sell with Tana LeMay

Tana_Lemay_headshot.jpgTana LeMay of Florence, Ala., may not be a photographer by trade, but she did develop a business that caters directly to photographers (and thus, photographers' clients). So, if you want to see how designing for clients can only help your bottom line, there's no one better!

Originally a nurse, LeMay entered the interior design market about 10 years ago when she was asked to helped design rooms in a local long-term care facility. But it was in trying to find a photo frame for her daughter's room that she found her calling seven years ago. She knew what she liked, but couldn't find it she decided to build it herself. A photographer friend thought the end result was very good and suggested that she make more to sell to photographers.

Soon afterward, LeMay opened Wild Sorbet Framing Company with a focus on producing unique frames for children and baby photography. "But I quickly realized that frames were a very good source of extra income for photographers, so I expanded our colors and designs," she says. Now, her business includes frames for every type of photography.

Her success isn't a fluke. She believes it's the result of listening to what photographers need when it comes to design...and supplying it. "I feel that my biggest accomplishments are actually HEARING what photographers tell me every day and doing something about it," LeMay explains.

Her experience in working with photographers has even encouraged LeMay to begin thelemay1.jpg process of becoming a certified PPA speaker. And she has a lot to offer.

"My purpose is to educate photographers not only on design, but also on why and how design can help them sell more, easily increasing their perceived value," she says. "Whether you sell gallery wraps, traditional frames, our frames or only prints, knowing color and balance and how to use them are all true keys to many parts of the photography business."

Your chance to hear LeMay and see designs that appeal to photography clients is coming May 16 during her "Designing To Sell" Super Monday class in Florence, Ala.

"I truly believe that when photographers know why they are designing a certain way--or why people are buying--they will be very successful," LeMay adds. And her class may give photographers the new insight they need on the subject.

Super Monday is an educational program sponsored by PPA every spring and fall. These daylong, interactive workshops are conducted in locations around the country, allowing PPA members to earn merits for sharing their craft and enabling all photographers to learn new skills and develop professional networking contacts.

Read more about Tana LeMay here

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