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Super Monday Helps You...Create Your Dreams

jim_pierce_head.jpgComposite photography is growing in popularity and can be a great product offering for your business, as Jim Pierce, CPP, has experienced. But it does require a certain set of skills. That's exactly the sort of problem that PP''s Super Monday Photo Workshops were created to solve! For example, if you've ever dreamed up an image but couldn't figure out how to create it, maybe Jim's "Photoshop Fantasy" class--part of PPA's Super Monday--can help.

Creating His Dreams
Super Monday instructors like Jim are offering their classes because they've amassed talent in a certain area (and they want to share). After earning a degree in Photo Production Technology from Southern Illinois University in 1987, Jim discovered his love for the darkroom and started custom printing images for high-end studios. Then, with the introduction of Adobe® Photoshop® in the early '90s, Pierce became intrigued by the possibilities and was quickly hooked...on version 1.4.

"I like to tell people I've been using Photoshop since before it was a verb!" Jim laughs.

In fact, his love of Photoshop led to his specialty in creating composite images. "I'm apierce3.jpg frustrated artist who can't draw a stick figure to save his life," explains Jim. "But by using photos I shoot for the purpose, I can create the artwork that I could only see in myself before. Being a digital artist has given me a chance to put what I have in my head onto a medium that others can see."

Jim is also on a mission to earn all the PPA degrees and, as part of this goal, has started entering his composites in the International Photographic Competition. However, for him, the real joy in composite photography comes from revealing the finished piece to a model he's worked with and seeing stunned silence.

"Words cannot describe artwork. That's why it's an image, not a poem," Jim adds. "If I have been able to transcend words for my model, then I feel I've truly captured their essence."

Teaching You How to Do the Same

"Technology gave me the opportunity to create, and I feel you should always share opportunity with others," says Jim. So he decided to teach other photographers the skills that have helped him create his dreams via composite photography! During his "Photoshop Fantasy" Super Monday class (held in Crystal Lake, IL on Oct. 15), he'll help you learn how to shoot elements of a composite with the final design in mind, use blending modes and masking, understand how light needs to be controlled, and use consistency to give the image an added sense of realism.

pierce1.jpg"I'm hoping to get the creative juices going, to challenge people to step outside their comfort zone and let their imagination run free," he explains. "How would an image look with a fog rolling in, or wind-blown hair perfectly outlining a face? Does billowing fabric while standing on a cliff overlooking a sunset on the ocean make for a perfect romantic shot?"

If you're interested in learning how to create unique composite shots that can add to your business and expand your creativity, this class may be your chance. Or, check out other Super Monday classes in other locations to find the one that fits you best!

Read more about Jim Pierce here.

Super Monday is an educational program sponsored by PPA every spring and fall. These daylong, interactive workshops are conducted in locations around the country, allowing PPA members to earn merits for sharing their craft and enabling all photographers to learn new skills and develop professional networking contacts.


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