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Super 1 Day Call for Instructors - PPA Today

Super 1 Day Call for Instructors

By Bethany Clark

Want to share your talents, skills, and knowledge with other photographers? Volunteer to become a Super 1 Day instructor! The deadline to submit your application is June 26, 2017, so apply to hold a Super 1 Day class today!

Super 1 Day is PPA's semi-annual, peer-to-peer educational initiative with photography and photography business workshops held concurrently around the country. The Fall workshops will take place between October 2-16, 2017. Prepare to teach, learn from, and network with your fellow photographers, as well as have great experiences and get closer to earning your degree!

That's right; at Super 1 Day, instructors gain TWO speaking merits towards their PPA degree. In addition, if you are a Photographic Craftsman, a Master Photographer, or a Certified Professional Photographer, you will also receive $50 per student after the 7th paid attendee that comes to your class.

Hurry and apply now as an instructor for the Super 1 Day Fall 2017 workshops; registration closes on June 26, 2017 at 9 pm ET. If you'd like additional information, read our Super 1 Day instructor FAQs.


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