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PPA's Business Basics Workshop: Bringing Photography Business Coaching and Support to You

When it comes to starting a photography business, or when shifting from a part-time to aSMS Business Basics Workshop full-time career in photography, what are the first steps you need to take? 

Don't know the answer? Fear not, you aren't alone! While many photographers have great images, they often fall short on the business side of things. You can't afford (literally!) to ignore these issues! 

PPA recently hosted a group of photographers in Atlanta on June 29-30 for the Business Basics Workshops, led by accomplished photographer Lori Nordstrom, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, and PPA mentor, Bridget Jackson, CPA. The workshop is designed to give attendees a complete background on the financial, legal and tax requirements of running a business. Attendees learn how to evaluate their business' strengths and how that relates to a pricing structure. 

All the business information in the workshop is backed up by PPA's Benchmark Survey Results (a free membership benefit!), which compares your studio averages to the industry average. This helps photographers make smarter business decisions for long-term success. Attendees even immediately walk out with tangible marketing and promotional ideas to get their business moving in the right direction! 

As June workshop attendee, Jessica Dorris, of Jessica Williams Studio, told us, "My mentor suggested the workshop. She told me it was the best next step to take from doing photography as a part-time job to a full-time job.

"I learned things I wouldn't have understood without the help of PPA, like understanding the Benchmark Survey and how I can use it to determine my cost of sales."

The main goal of PPA's Business Basics Workshop is to help you form a sustainable business plan that will allow you to run a profitable studio for many years. According to recent attendee Ernie Strickland, this goal is definitely accomplished!

"Having an art background, I've learned how to create beautiful photography, but in order to sell that photography I had to understand the business side of things too," Strickland said. 

"The workshop overwhelmed me with information about being business-minded. It showed me that to get the financial end result I want; I have to have a plan. Which seems obvious, but in real life, who really follows through? The class has helped me build that backbone plan that I can actually follow and use, not just for the short term, but also for my whole career," he added. 

Interested in attending a Business Basics Workshop? View the upcoming schedule in the PPAedu section. Or, if your business is a little further along, check out the upcoming Business Breakthroughs Workshops. You've got to be a PPA member to participate in one of these workshops, so consider joining PPA now. And stay tuned to our blog for a video featuring a-ha moments and feedback from recent Business Basics Workshop attendees!

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