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Share Your World on theLoop

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Starting today, you'll find a new communication tool on theLoop through the new "My World" feature.

What's the deal with My World? It's theLoop's answer to personal blogs, walls or boards, and will be archived on your member profile. You'll be able to fill it with news and updates about what's going on with you and keep those updates visible on your My World section. If you love keeping an online journal or sharing the excitement, joys and stress of your daily life in snippets, this just may be the feature for you!

And next time you want to see what your friends and other photographers are doing, check out their profile on theLoop and glance at their My World. You'll be able to read their posts, comment, even rate and recommend whatever's been added. Neat, huh?

My World is one more feature we've developed after listening to your requests on theLoop, so keep on sending your suggestions or telling us how you are using theLoop by email at

In the meantime...Happy Looping!

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