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September's Top Blog Posts from theLoop - PPA Today

September's Top Blog Posts from theLoop

By Aleighia Rouse

Fall has arrived and before you begin to buy those scarves and Halloween candy, here are the top blog posts from theLoop in September! As the new season began so did some amazing conversations on theLoop. It is always nice to learn more and get advice on things you never considered.  

Running a business is hard enough, but finding ways to market your business can be even harder. Help this PPA photographer find out how to find a professional marketer to hire. 

Have you ever wondered how to light a water birth? You are not alone. Lighting actually has a crucial part in this process. If you have any more tips about water birth photography, contribute to the conversation. 

Fluffy has black fur. Do you use a black background for a more classic feel or a white background to contrast the composition? Here are some great responses to help when positioning our furry friends on white and/or black backgrounds. 

Are you having to go through hurdles just to set up your CF card reader? Here are some great tips on how to find alternative ways to set it up. 

It can be difficult to pose same sex portraits because you do not want your client to look uncomfortable. Here are some great tips on how to pose same sex clients in photos for major events or ceremonies. 

Snap! You got the shot, composed perfectly and you know it was a winner in lighting. But wait, it's blurry, every photographer's greatest fear. Here are a few tips to help when focusing and getting a lower miss rate. 

It is already difficult enough to discuss pricing with a client, but what makes it worse is when you mistakenly charge them on a feature they did not order. Check out these fellow photographers' advice to solving this problem. 

School pictures and employee pictures have to be the most time consuming jobs that a photographer can deal with, and estimating the timeframe can be even trickier. Do you have any ways of answering this question? Contribute to the conversation. 

Glasses are difficult to position to avoid glare and other problems within the eye frame of the portrait. But there are solutions to this problem and they come from your very own PPA peers. 

Do you have questions about SEO, domains and subdomains, as far as your photography website goes? Well, here are some answers!

Remember to check out theLoop, a safe and protected online community where PPA members can discuss a range of photography topics. Not a PPA member, join here!

Aleighia Rouse is known by her happy personality and bubbly voice. With over 6 years of the film and photography experience, Aleighia can relate to most of the issues that come along with being a photographer. A graduating senior at Spelman College and one of PPA's Marketing and Communications interns, Aleighia aspires to hold a position just like the amazing people she works around.


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