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Watch and See (The Difference) with Free Marketing Tools!

By Tristin Vaccaro

As a PPA member, you've invested lots of time and energy into your photography passion.  Now it's time to help your clients see why they should invest in you.  Through PPA's See The Difference awareness campaign, consumers are encouraged to "see the difference" a PPA photographer can make when it comes to hiring a photographer. There are tons of FREE marketing tools available to PPA members that can help explain the importance of hiring a pro to potential clients. 

Some of those free tools include See The Difference videos, crafted by PPA just for you to share! These videos concisely explain all the benefits that come with hiring a knowledgeable PPA member. The videos are an easy way to show potential clients why PPA members are better suited for a job over unaffiliated photographers.

The See The Difference overview video really drives home the technical skills, artistry, and consistency that a professional photographer brings to the table.  This video quickly and effectively answers the question, "Why should you hire a professional photographer?" It's a great video to show to clients, potential customers, and friends who may not quite understand the importance of a professional photographer. 

There are also See The Difference videos available that cater to those in the wedding and senior photography market. 

These videos make a great addition to a company website or blog. Let others physically see exactly why they need a PPA photographer to capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments. Don't forget to check out all the other awesome See The Difference tools that can really jumpstart your sales pitch.

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