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See The Difference: Family Portraits


By: Lauren Walters

From time to time, PPA photographers get overlooked in comparison to inexperienced or hobbyist photographers. Some of the reasoning includes pricing, product types, delivery timelines, and other factors. But all professional photographers contribute to educating customers on the difference it makes between hiring a professional versus an amateur. PPA's See The Difference Resources are here to help bridge that gap and facilitate that conversation and conversion. You will find a dozen of videos, online advertising, downloadable brochures, and more, that you can use to show prospective clients why investing in a professional photographer is not only worth it, but should be a no brainer.

Below is one of these new See The Difference tools. It is a video that targets family and portrait clients, explaining  in non-salesy way and in less than 3 minutes, why professional photographers are exponentially better at capturing a family's personality and how and why they make a difference (versus inexperienced or hobbyist photographers that is).

You'll see real clients and real stories, where each family explains how their relationship and connection with their photographer made such a difference. Watch and see if you agree or relate!

There are more videos where this one came from! You are all welcome to share these videos and if you are a PPA photographer, you can even embed them on your website (just log when you get to the See The Difference resources page)! Help yourself out by sharing these videos with (prospective) customers! It's only by having as many of us share this message that this campaign will resonate and become a real tool for all professional photographers. So watch and share on!

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