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Establish Credibility with New Customizable Brochures

By Tristin Vaccaro

People buy from people they trust. And trust comes with your name, your brand and the word of mouth. Through PPA you have access to a series of marketing tools, all centered around reinforcing your professional credibility. Use them to help your clients realize the commitment to excellence you made when you joined PPA! This week we're zero-ing on the See The Difference®'s customizable brochures.

These brochures were designed with you- and your photography studio- in mind. They help you convey your technical skills, artistry, and professionalism.  

Crafting a brochure unique to you is easy. There are six downloadable brochure templates to choose from: wedding, family, high school senior, newborn, pet, and Certified Professional Photographer. Once you download your chosen template, simply insert your studio information and even your own images. It's as simple as that! All that's left to do is print your brochures to distribute to clients or display in your studio. 

Start using the marketing tools that are available and free to you from PPA. As a member, you have access to a variety of advertising templates; They are here to help you promote you and/or your studio and the resources provided are easily customizable and really drive home the idea that hiring a professional photographer (like you!) is the only way to go.

These brochures are just one of the many resources available to you as a PPA member. Take advantage of these brochures and other resources and allow your clients to "See The Difference" today!

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