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Behind the Camera: Arlene Dicks - PPA Today

Behind the Camera: Arlene Dicks

By: Lauren Walters

PPA is constantly helping photographers be more successful through the benefits, education, copyright advocacy and more offered with membership! As a nonprofit photography association (and the largest!) that's what we do! PPA photographers use and make the best of their membership in many different ways. What matters is to leverage that pool of resource that PPA pushes forth for photographers. Take a look at these "Behind the Camera" videos. This series shows real photographers and how THEY are putting PPA to work for them. Consider how or how else YOU could be using PPA too.

Atlanta-based photographer Arlene Dicks touches on an issue ANY photographer fears and eventually faces: Data Loss. What happens when your hard drive crashes or your memory card malfunctions? Do you have your clients' work backed up on another device? Are there ways to get the files back?

Data loss, hard drive sudden death, memory card deep water dives and other accidents compromising your photos do directly jeopardize your work and... can be a death sentence for some businesses. Watch the video below to learn how PPA helped Arlene with recovery after such a mishap.

Data loss protection comes with most PPA memberships, head to to see if you're covered. If your hard drive crashes, PPA can refer you to specialist to recover damaged or lost files and your deductible should cover you. Oh and if you're clients are threatening to sue because of data loss issues... your PPA membership covers you for that too, but that's in another piece we wrote on malpractice protection. Long story short, if you are not with PPA, consider it and... Be More Protected.  

Join PPA today and Be Proactive!

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