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5 Marketing Mistakes to Avoid - PPA Today

5 Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

By Autumn Rice

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Marketing is a complicated part of running your business, but you shouldn't stress about it. Despite having several elements and sub-elements, there are easy ways to simplify your marketing plan, and make it a successful addition to your business. When applied effectively, marketing presents significant added value and insights, but without strategy it can sabotage your business. To avoid the mayhem of a failed marketing plan, make sure to avoid these common mistakes. 

1. Not having a plan: Having a marketing strategy is the first, and most important, step in any marketing activity because it provides focus and a roadmap of what to do and how to do it. Without a strategy, it's easy to deviate from constructive marketing activities that lead to your objective. Calendars, spreadsheets, and bulleted documents are a great way to create an organized plan that's easy to follow.

2. Not Measuring: Marketing strategies should have a way to measure their success. Without a method to measure you'll never be able to distinguish if your plan is successful. There are several ways to measure the effectiveness of your plan according to your goals and business activities. From increases in clients to ending revenues, you can use any measurement that quantifies the success of your plan.

3. Ignoring the Brand: Every business has a brand, but it's up to you to highlight your brand and tailor a marketing plan around it. For many professional photographers this means finding your niche and creating promotional materials related to it. Whatever your brand/style of photography is, stick to it.  By defining your brand you make it easy for clients to know what you do, and how it benefits them. 

4. Mismanaging Social Media: Social media is a great way for professional photographers to display their work and connect with clients. However, in order to be successful it must be done correctly. Before beginning social media marketing it's important to know who your clients are, listen to what they want, and then give them that information. By sharing content relevant to your clients you'll keep them engaged and you'll communicate the benefits you provide to them as a professional photographer. It's also important to maximize social media platforms that host your clients and potential clients, post content consistently, and leverage your brand in your profile.   

5. Using outdated materials: Technology is a client go-to for information, and having updated marketing material is important for effective marketing. By using outdated websites, print materials, or social media promotions you create communication barriers between you and your client. You want to create marketing materials that are consistent in design, clean and easy to understand. Keep all of your materials updated, so that clients are clear about what they're getting from you.

These mistakes are common and can be easily corrected to create a marketing strategy perfect for your professional photography business. Check your marketing plan for these mistakes and, after fixing any mistakes, watch your business flourish! For more marketing and sales advice and resources visit SeeTheDifference.

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