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Think Tween!

By Autumn Rice

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If you want to do a nice business selling tween portraits, focus your marketing on the kids but your sales on the parents. This advice comes from Audrey Woulard, who's been in the photography industry for 15 years and enjoys a booming business in photographing young teens. Originally a newborn photographer, Audrey challenged the status quo by strategically targeting tweens, a segment many photographers avoid. Now she has an impressive clientele of 98% tweens in her business. 

Read "Audrey Woulard: Striking Gold in the Tween Market" on to see how Audrey found success in an underserved niche.

Audrey will be teaching "Tweens and Teens, The New Genre. How to Capture Images That Sell!" at Imaging USA 2017 in San Antonio. Registration for her class is still open!

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