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A Mind Map of the 12 Elements on - PPA Today

A Mind Map of the 12 Elements on

by James Yates

Lisa Dillon, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, and Bryan Welsh, Cr. Photog., API, share a fresh perspective on PPA's International Photographic Competition. Specifically, they look at the "12 Elements of a Merit Image" in a new light.

They write:

If you're new to image competition, it can feel like a game. It's possible you have only a passing familiarity with the 12 elements of a merit image. Yes, the list is displayed at every image competition and a short description of each element can be found on the PPA website. But do you really understand what they mean? Do you understand how they underpin one another and build upon one another?  

Rather than looking at the elements as a checklist, Lisa and Bryan created a mind map (a diagram used to visually organize information) for a unique take on these elements and how to succeed in the IPC. 

Read their fascinating article, "A Fresh Look at the 12 Elements", at today! 

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