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In 2013, when business was sluggish, Las Vegas-based commercial photographer Greg Anderson traveled to New Orleans to photograph contestants at the National Beard and Mustache Championships - without an assignment to do so. 

His initiative paid off. "I don't think my career got off the ground until I started intently preparing for things," Anderson says, pointing to the Beard and Mustache Championships as the genesis of that practice. "The only thing you can control is before the shoot. It was really preparing and being confident about what I was going to do in a shoot that made my career--or at least took it up a notch."

Read his fascinating story, Greg Anderson: At The Intersection Of Preparation And Inspiration, on today!


By Autumn Rice

2013 was a tough year for photographer Greg Anderson. His business was slow, and he wasn't finding many jobs to pursue. Instead of waiting for clients to find him, Anderson used this time to prepare himself for better days. He began photographing personal projects to build his portfolio, and through that, he became famous in a very specialized niche. It changed the trajectory of his career.

Read "Greg Anderson: At the Intersection of Preparation and Inspiration" to find out how Greg Anderson prepped himself for success on

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By Bethany Clark

201703-solitude-(1981).jpgWith more than 400,000 impressions (posters, prints, and more) of David Lorenz Winston's photograph "Solitude" sold since it was published in the 1980s, it ranks as one of the best-known images in recent memory. 

Learn the intriguing story behind the photograph in "The 'Solitude' Fence Has A Quirky Backstory" on!

by James Yates

Lisa Dillon, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, and Bryan Welsh, Cr. Photog., API, share a fresh perspective on PPA's International Photographic Competition. Specifically, they look at the "12 Elements of a Merit Image" in a new light.

They write:

If you're new to image competition, it can feel like a game. It's possible you have only a passing familiarity with the 12 elements of a merit image. Yes, the list is displayed at every image competition and a short description of each element can be found on the PPA website. But do you really understand what they mean? Do you understand how they underpin one another and build upon one another?  

Rather than looking at the elements as a checklist, Lisa and Bryan created a mind map (a diagram used to visually organize information) for a unique take on these elements and how to succeed in the IPC. 

Read their fascinating article, "A Fresh Look at the 12 Elements", at today! 

By Bethany Clark
What's it like to have a photograph you've taken commemorated on a U.S. stamp? Find out from a photographer who has had two! Read all the details on

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By Bethany Clark

"It's hard to explain, but I see my entire world in still images. I do it because nothing else on earth gives me as much satisfaction as getting a new and original shot."

This amazing quote comes from a man who doesn't really consider himself a photographer. Joel Woods has made countless images documenting working life on boats. Having spent 20 years earning a living on the sea, he's learned hard lessons in life and photography, and he's proved his talent for creative work that captures the hardships and danger inherent in commercial fishing.

Woods' photographs were recently featured in Yankee magazine. Read his fascinating interview on!

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By Tristin Vaccaro

Photographer Joel Woods has spent over 20 years earning his living on boats. To capture the unexpected moments in his mundane work, Woods began photographing life out on the open sea. 

Professional Photographer magazine sat down with Woods and asked him about the challenges and rewards of taking photos while working as a fisherman, and it can be messy. "My options are either don't get the shot, or grab my camera with bait, slime, guts, and seawater-covered gloves. I will gladly choose the latter every time!" says Woods. 

To read the entire interview, head over to "Beast on Deck: Photography at Sea", only at
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Congratulations to the photographers selected to represent Team USA in the 2017 World Photographic Cup! 

The World Photographic Cup, which mimics the Olympic Games in structure, pits teams of photographers from numerous countries against one other in friendly competition.   

Meet Team USA in this article on Professional Photographer magazine.

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By Tristin Vaccaro
Photographer Darren Roberts went from photographing 20 city weddings a year to more than 50 mountain weddings in 2016. The transition took two years, but his determination allowed him to build a career creating what he loves. He shares tips on brand consistency, search-based marketing, and establishing a niche in "Weddings With a Rocky View," only on

Image © Darren Roberts

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Virtual reality (VR) is computer-generated content that simulates a real-world or fantastical experience. It requires playback in a headset of some type, so visuals must be in 3-D in 360 degrees around the viewer, and the audio also has to be spatial (3-D sound). 

Until recently, computer-generated imagery was the only way to create VR content that was 3-D in 360 degrees. But now, new technology provides opportunities to capture the real world in 360 degrees.

Explore what this may mean for photographers, videographers, and consumers in this article on Professional Photographer magazine.


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