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Congratulations to the photographers selected to represent Team USA in the 2017 World Photographic Cup! 

The World Photographic Cup, which mimics the Olympic Games in structure, pits teams of photographers from numerous countries against one other in friendly competition.   

Meet Team USA in this article on Professional Photographer magazine.

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By Tristin Vaccaro
Photographer Darren Roberts went from photographing 20 city weddings a year to more than 50 mountain weddings in 2016. The transition took two years, but his determination allowed him to build a career creating what he loves. He shares tips on brand consistency, search-based marketing, and establishing a niche in "Weddings With a Rocky View," only on

Image © Darren Roberts

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Virtual reality (VR) is computer-generated content that simulates a real-world or fantastical experience. It requires playback in a headset of some type, so visuals must be in 3-D in 360 degrees around the viewer, and the audio also has to be spatial (3-D sound). 

Until recently, computer-generated imagery was the only way to create VR content that was 3-D in 360 degrees. But now, new technology provides opportunities to capture the real world in 360 degrees.

Explore what this may mean for photographers, videographers, and consumers in this article on Professional Photographer magazine.

By Bethany Clark

Would you say that you go out on a limb for a photoshoot? If so, chances are you still aren't doing it quite to the extent that photographer Jay Philbrick is! Read all about his riskiest location to date on PPmag.   

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By Chris Homer

So you've gotten your license from the FAA to be a drone pilot, and you're ready to start offering drone photography to your clients. What should you do next?

"10 Best Drone Practices" on shares some steps all drone photographers should take when starting out. If you're considering offering drone photography, read this article first. You'll pick up advice that can save you some major headaches later!

And don't forget to visit for even more advice on passing the FAA test, drone insurance, news and more!

ch_headshot_100x100.jpgAbout the author:
Chris Homer is PPA's SEO & Web Specialist, which basically makes Google Analytics his best friend. A graduate of the University of Georgia, Chris cheers passionately (and obnoxiously) for the Bulldogs in all things from football to checkers. When he's not hard at work on PPA's websites, you'll find Chris at auto racing events around the southeast, where he's known as a master architect of tent villages.


By Bethany Clark

Take a look at PPmag's inspiring photo gallery featuring images taken by the 2017 Diamond Photographers!

Diamond photographers are professionals whose four images submitted to PPA's International Photographic Competition went four-for-four in the same year. That means that not only did all four images merit, those four merited images also were then chosen to be part of the prestigious Loan Collection and will be published in a special edition book by Marathon Press

The 2017 Diamond Photographers were honored at Imaging USA 2017, at the Grand Imaging Awards! 

For even more inspiration, check out Professional Photographer magazine where you will find a gallery of selected images, as well as an accompanying lighting diagram.

Go ahead, start browsing! The images will wow you!


By Tristin Vaccaro

You may lock your car doors, look twice before crossing the street, and keep your valuables in a lockbox, but have you thought about keeping your digital files safe? As a photographer, your images are valuable and should be protected as such. 

Read "4 Image Backup Strategies" to find out how to effectively save your files from permanently disappearing, only at

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By Tristin Vaccaro

Photographer Jerry Uelsmann has accomplished a lot in his 82 years. He began creating surreal photomontages beginning in the 1960s, blending together photographs in the darkroom long before Photoshop existed. His work is included in permanent museum collections in cities like Paris, New York, and Boston. He's published multiple books and taught photography at the University of Florida for almost four decades.  

To find out more about this accomplished photographer, read "His Story Is Untitled" on

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By Tristin Vaccaro

While finding your niche is more important than ever, it's differentiating yourself in the sea of sameness that really matters. Start by asking yourself questions from your clients' point of view, questions like, "Why should I choose you?" and, "Why should I come back to you?" Once you can effectively answer those questions, you can effectively deliver your message of what makes YOU different!

Read "You Can't Compete Without Being Unique" by Jeffrey Shaw, Cr.Photog., on to gain some sound advice on capitalizing on your distinct perspective.

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By Autumn Rice

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If you want to do a nice business selling tween portraits, focus your marketing on the kids but your sales on the parents. This advice comes from Audrey Woulard, who's been in the photography industry for 15 years and enjoys a booming business in photographing young teens. Originally a newborn photographer, Audrey challenged the status quo by strategically targeting tweens, a segment many photographers avoid. Now she has an impressive clientele of 98% tweens in her business. 

Read "Audrey Woulard: Striking Gold in the Tween Market" on to see how Audrey found success in an underserved niche.

Audrey will be teaching "Tweens and Teens, The New Genre. How to Capture Images That Sell!" at Imaging USA 2017 in San Antonio. Registration for her class is still open!

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