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United Funding Offers Pre-Approval Program for Imaging USA - PPA Today

United Funding Offers Pre-Approval Program for Imaging USA

Everyone talks about "going green," but this year, members who attend Imaging USA's Imaging EXPO can "get GREEN" with the pre-approval program offered through PPA's Affinity Partner, United Funding.

This year's Imaging EXPO trade show in San Antonio, Texas (January 16-18, 2011) will have some of the latest and greatest equipment on the market. And with the exclusive show specials, it's the best time to buy! Make that buying easier by getting your financing in place prior to Imaging USA.

Why should you participate in United Funding's pre-approval program?

  • PPA members get an additional 2% rebate on all transactions funded through United Funding (up to $1,000).
  • Unlike putting the expense of new equipment on a credit card, bank loan or home equity loan, this debt does NOT appear on your credit report and will not adversely affect your credit scores or ratios.
  • Vendors will know you're serious about purchasing equipment when they see the green "approved" sticker on your Imaging USA registration badge. They will know you're part of United Funding's pre-approval program, which will speed up your transactions and help you get the equipment you want now with no hassle. (Your pre-approval is a great way to let vendors know that you mean business and deserve their attention.)

Managing your cash flow and paying for your income-producing photography equipment (it helps generate your revenue!) are always sound business practices...especially in these challenging economic times. United Funding just makes it easier.

If you apply to "get GREEN" and are approved, you'll receive an approved certificate and green pre-approved sticker in the mail. (You can also pick up a copy of your certificate and sticker from United Funding in the Imaging EXPO at booth 1153.)

Getting the green light for the Imaging EXPO is easy! PPA members can apply today or call Bob Bell at 800-685-7571 for more information.

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