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Spider Holster Releases Modular Pad System for Professional Photographers - PPA Today

Spider Holster Releases Modular Pad System for Professional Photographers

spiderholster_modpadblog.jpgSpider Holster has announced the introduction of its modular SpiderPro Pad, which allows photographers a comfortable and convenient method to carry two pro-level DSLR cameras without straps or bags. The design places a Spider Holster and pad on each hip, eliminating the back, shoulder and neck strain of carrying cameras on a tangle of neck straps. The new modular components are designed for cross-platform compatibility, and to fit SpiderPro Belts as well as third-party photography belts and backpack systems for trekking.

Designed to accommodate pro-style DSLR fitted with telephoto lens and flash units, the flagship SpiderPro Holster features durable all-metal construction designed specifically for active shooting situations, indoors or out. The SpiderPro system is fully customizable and those that already own a single-camera SpiderPro Holster don't need to buy a whole new system. They can simply purchase a SpiderPro Pad upgrade kit for $120 that contains a SpiderPro Pad, SpiderPro Holster, SpiderPro Plate, along with one SpiderPro Pin and adapter screws. In addition, SpiderPro Pad adapter kits are available that will accommodate the SpiderPro system on popular third party photography belts.

Newcomers to Spider Holster can purchase a complete SpiderPro DualCam System for an introductory price of $235 direct or through retail outlets worldwide. Additional SpiderPro Pads and adapter packages are also available. To find a local retail outlet or purchase direct visit the Spider Holster website at:


Am I the only one that sees a lot of bruised thighs with this? I move around A LOT when shooting. Often I am running to get ahead or the action. This looks painful to me.

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