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Revamped Image Quality Website DxOMark Offers New Tools for Comparing Cameras and Lenses - PPA Today

Revamped Image Quality Website DxOMark Offers New Tools for Comparing Cameras and Lenses

DxO Labs has announced the launch of the latest version of DxOMark, its online, freely-accessible resource for image quality data and analysis of digital cameras and lenses. In addition to reporting on more than 1,700 lens/camera combinations, the updated DxOMark site includes new features that enable users to select cameras and lenses that meet their performance metrics, price range, and other important criteria.

DxOMark is the only online publication which offers RAW-based image quality test results. DxOMark is also unique in providing comprehensive lens test results for all compatible camera bodies. All measurements are performed at DxO Labs' dedicated testing laboratories, following consistent and repeatable protocols, and using tools that are compliant with international and industry standards.

"With a record 1,700 combination measurements published, DxOMark now offers such a large volume of information that we needed to consider how users could quickly select the entries of greatest interest to them," said Nicolas Touchard, Vice President of Marketing, Image Quality Evaluation at DxO Labs. "This update provides the fastest path through the site without sacrificing any of its usefulness.

Other website improvements include a new and easy-to-use user comments section and a manufacturer specifications section, along with expanded community sharing tools.

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