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Photobiz has announced two new Flash templates. The Monte Carlo template is a 3D cube that rotates with the photographs in it with a technologically advanced transition and sleek mirror at the bottom. Left side navigation on a gradient background completes the most stunning Flash site ever created by PhotoBiz. For the gallery pages arrows are displayed at all times so that viewers can easily navigate through the images. As the first image in the gallery appears, the full sized thumbnail will be shown in the lower right corner.

Monte Carlo presents the most superior level of animation available in a template. In addition to having a custom design appearance there are many customizable options.  A fully customizable background allows the user to upload any texture or use any color they wish. The icon bank, captions, and music enhancements are all fully functional features of this template.

This is truly the epitome of template design and to illustrate it PhotoBiz asked Hiram Trillo Art-Photography to provide the images. Hiram has won several awards, been named one of the top Hispanic wedding photographers in the nation by Bodas USA and one of the best young photographers in the world.

Along with the new Monte Carlo template, the Monaco template is loaded with all of the tools a creative professional needs to present their portfolio online. A reverse gradient background compliments the gradient border around the images for a beautiful presentation. The transition animation is a back to front zoom effect that adds interest to the site without being a distraction. As a newer innovation Monaco will use SWF addressing technology that can allow forward and backward page buttons.

The gallery pages will have thumbnails that are placed along the right side of the template.  With a simple roll-over, the thumbnail will appear to the left.  With left and right arrows the viewer can play/pause the slide show, and change the speed. Monaco is a fully customizable template with a sleek and contemporary feel that is sure to get its share of attention.

Photobiz selected Blair Phillips to showcase the Monaco template. He is the 2010 National Senior Photographer First Prize Winner as well as a sought-after speaker and educator. Blair Phillips Photography has been described as eclectic elegance-keeping very timeless elements of portraiture while putting people where they don't belong (in unusual settings).

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