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onOne Software to Release FocalPoint 2, PhotoTune 3 - PPA Today

onOne Software to Release FocalPoint 2, PhotoTune 3

onOne Software, Inc. today announced FocalPoint 2, an Adobe Photoshop plug-in for simulating depth-of-field and selective focus.  With FocalPoint 2 photographers can create realistic selective focus, depth-of-field and vignette effects that help focus attention on an area of an image in an easy to use plug-in. Photographers can create an authentic out-of-focus look with aperture shaped highlights with the new blur algorithm that accurately matches the blur a real lens would create.  To assist photographers in getting the most out of FocalPoint 2, new lens presets are included that simulate desirable fast aperture lenses that cost 10 times more than FocalPoint 2.  By popular demand from customers, FocalPoint 2 supports multiple FocusBugs that let photographers create multiple areas of focus or create complex depth-of-field looks.  Finally, there is a new FocusBrush that allows for detailed painting in of the new blur effect in an image for those who want ultimate focus control.
New features in FocalPoint 2 include:

  •     Ultimate Blur Control - The unique controller in FocalPoint called the "FocusBug" now has new controls for you to set the kind of blur you want. Included options for blur quality, amount of blur, the number of blades in the virtual aperture, their rotation and optical quality all achieve the most realistic lens blur you can create without a lens.
  •     Multiple FocusBugs - With FocalPoint 2 you can use up to six FocusBugs to define the areas you want to keep in focus allowing for multiple areas in your photo to remain in focus while adding the lens specific blur to the rest of the image. It also provides for the ability to combine multiple FocusBugs together to create complex shapes with ease.  
  •     FocusBrush - With the new FocusBrush you can paint focus or paint blur on any part of your photo providing for more control over the image's focal point. Use the planar or round focus bugs to get started and then use the new FocusBrush to fine-tune the effect. Providing these types of tools within FocalPoint 2 will help save photographers time because it allows them to see exactly how their desired effect looks before clicking the apply button.
  •     Lens Presets - Using a proprietary blur algorithm designed to replicate the physical properties of a lens, combined with easy-to-use presets, photographers can simulate the blur normally achieved only with "fast" lenses that cost thousands of dollars each. This is perfect for times when a photographer cannot shoot with their lens "wide open" to get the desired depth-of-field as they can now go back with FocalPoint 2 and apply the background blur that they would have originally achieved.
  •     onOne Panel - The new onOne Panel in Adobe Photoshop provides fast access to FocalPoint 2. This allows the user to quickly launch a module without having to navigate through Photoshop's menus. But it takes that power even farther by giving users access to their favorite presets right from the panel as well. This will save users time by allowing them to apply their most frequently used effects right inside of Photoshop.
  •     Additional New Features - FocalPoint 2 includes many new features like Brightness and Contrast controls; nondestructive editing as a Smart Filter; and the ability to access FocalPoint 2 from within Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 and Apple Aperture 2.1.
FocalPoint 2 will be available in November to new users for $159.95 and can also be purchased as part of the affordable Plug-in Suite 5 for $599.95.  Existing users of FocalPoint 1 can upgrade to FocalPoint 2 for $99.95. Upgrades from FocalPoint 1 to the new Plug-In Suite 5 are also available at   For more information on the Plug-in Suite 5, please visit

onOne Software has also announced PhotoTune 3, an Adobe Photoshop plug-in for optimizing digital photos. The improved PhotoTune Wizard walks new users through the optimizing process in as little as two steps with no need to understand color theory or complex controls like levels or curves. PhotoTune 3 also offers access to advanced adjustments for pro users who want more control. A powerful feature of PhotoTools 3 is SkinTune, which can color correct portraits in just one click, with the option to correct just the skin in an image.  PhotoTune 3 works as a Smart Filter in Photoshop allowing Photoshop Lightroom 2 users to open their images as Smart Objects giving them the ability to work in a non-destructive manner and the flexibility to go back and make changes later should they decide to.

New features of PhotoTune 3 include:
  •     Automatic Correction - featuring the patented eye-fidelityTM technology, originally developed by and licensed from imsense to address the issue of Dynamic Range Correction in images. With a single click this new advanced dynamic range enhancement algorithm, remaps the tones in your image to match what you saw. This means no more blown out highlights or plugged-up shadows which photographers typically struggle with when trying to increase the dynamic range of an image from a single file.
  •     Professional Controls - For those pro users who want more control, the new Pro interface provides access to advanced controls like tone, color and sharpening.  PhotoTune 3 strips away complex concepts like levels and curves and introduces a new method where the image itself is the control. Simply drag the image up or down, left or right or even at an angle and PhotoTune 3 applies the adjustment immediately allowing the photographer to focus on the image and not on a series of sliders and buttons.
  •     Intuitive Black and White Conversions - With a flick of the new Black and White switch, PhotoTune 3 lets you create great looking black and white images from your color photos.  Using the new Pro interface controls to change tones, you can quickly get the black and white conversion you want in seconds.
  •     Automatically Color Correct Portraits - The improved SkinTune controls, which automatically color-correct skin color in a one step, now provide the option to target the color correction to just the skin of the subject, rather than the whole image. This is the perfect tool for portrait and wedding photographers who need a streamlined and efficient solution to getting correct skin tones in their digital images.
  •     Workflow Integration - Like other onOne products, PhotoTune 3 now supports integration with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Apple Aperture so that it can be accessed inside the workflow applications used everyday. PhotoTune 3 can be used as a Smart Filter inside of Photoshop allowing photographers to send their images to Photoshop as Smart Objects to maintain a non-destructive workflow that is increasingly important to more and more photographers.
  •     Additional New Features - PhotoTune 3 also includes an improved color correction Wizard that can be completed in as few as two steps; the ability to save presets, which saves all of the color and tone corrections so they can be applied to other images which is ideal for batch processing through Adobe Bridge for example; and non-destructive editing as a Smart Filter in Photoshop CS3 and CS4. 
PhotoTune 3 will be available in November to new users for $159.95 and can also be purchased as part of the affordable Plug-in Suite 5 for $599.95.  Existing users of PhotoTune 1 or 2 can upgrade to PhotoTune 3 for $99.95 or can upgrade to the Plug-in Suite 5 for $499.95.   For more information on the Plug-in Suite 5, please visit

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