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| is pleased to announce its ten year anniversary. With continued growth, the company has gained a very important place in the market of photography services. From classic restoration and coloring services to the newest retouching and photo to art techniques, has been pleasing many consumers by recovering their lovely memories.

Like a lot of internet services companies, started as a small group of people with not much infrastructure but a lot of great ideas and a strong business plan. Since the beginning and during these 10 years has been focusing its efforts on being the best photo restoration company it can be.

Some of the company's best achievements in the past 10 years:

More than 95.5 percent of the customers rated their experience with and the image quality as either "very good" or "excellent."

FAST TURNARROUND TIME: Though the "official" turn-around time is six business days, returns 80 percent of its restoration work within 24 hours of receiving the file.  

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Only 1 re-work request every 25 orders! If the customer is not 100 percent satisfied, neither is  

AFFORDABLE PRICES: With simple restorations costing just $9.95 and complex restorations costing up to $34.95, there is a good opportunity for retailers to create a highly profitable revenue stream.

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