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Mitsubishi Photographic Printers Provide Reliable, Long Lasting Solutions for Event Photographers - PPA Today

Mitsubishi Photographic Printers Provide Reliable, Long Lasting Solutions for Event Photographers

Running a photography business today is not the same as it was ten or even five years ago. While the fundamentals of photography remain the same as always, the continuing evolution of new technologies has completely changed the way that all photographers take, develop and deliver pictures to their clientele, especially event photographers.

New developments in digital photography, photo-kiosk systems and photographic printers have both improved picture quality and expedited the delivery process; and in doing so, changed the expectations of consumers. In addition to expert techniques, customers now expect event photographers to provide immediate on-site delivery of high-quality photos at a low cost, and failing to do so is simply not an option.

Fortunately, some imaging companies like Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America have continuously pushed the envelope to produce advanced, affordable technologies that allow many event photographers to survive and even thrive in today's competitive landscape. For over 10 years, MDEA has been providing the photo industry with a series of affordable, robust photographic printers that have been used to drive and grow business for a countless number of event photographers.

"Our photographic printers can be used to both optimize a photographer's business practices and increase revenue," commented Darla Achey, marketing specialist for Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America. "They provide an affordable alternative to laboratory development; they come with paper packages that dramatically reduce operating costs, and they also come with a level of customer service that ensures optimal performance throughout the printer's life."

Mitsubishi CP-9550DWMarc Grauer of Specialty Imaging International is one event photographer that is intimately familiar with the benefits that come with using Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America's photographic printers. He has been using a set of Mitsubishi photographic printers - including a number of CP-9550DWs - to provide his customers with a number of on-site services that they can't get anywhere else. Some of his specialties include: image dropout photos, where the guest's facial image is digitally captured and incorporated into a custom designed background; event photo badges, where name badges or photo passes are produced for guests, fans, or attendees in less than a minute; and magazine covers, where they create custom magazine covers for special events.

Another individual who is using Mitsubishi's printers to support her photography business is award-winning photographer Elizabeth Messina. As a nationally recognized wedding photographer, Messina has been featured in a number of popular wedding publications and also won a number of awards for her photos, including a first place finish in Photo District News' Top Knots wedding photo contest.

Although she is an extremely accomplished photographer, she still needs to market her talents to gain new business, which is where the Mitsubishi CP-9800DW comes in. She has been using the photographic printer to create promotional material, including sample pictures and postcards that she distributes at weddings.

Mitsubishi photographic printers can also be used to improve the distribution of traditional photographs.

Such is the case with Maverick Aviation Group. The Nevada based heltiour company has been using Mitsubishi printers to offer on-site images to tourists in front of their helicopters, and in doing so, has increased their revenue. They have used a Mitsubishi CP-9550DW to print between 300-400 images per day and sell each photo for $10.00 per unit, dramatically improving their bottom line.

"Our printers are portable, affordable, and extremely easy to use," continued Achey. "For any photographers who preparing to start an event-imaging business or looking to expand on an existing business, they are a great place to turn."

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