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Memory Card Machine Helps Madame Tussauds Send Customers Home with the Stars Even Faster with Mitsubishi CP-9550DW Dye-Sublimation Printer - PPA Today

Memory Card Machine Helps Madame Tussauds Send Customers Home with the Stars Even Faster with Mitsubishi CP-9550DW Dye-Sublimation Printer


World-famous wax museum now employs Your Picture Postcard Kiosk powered by Mitsubishi CP-9550DW.

The magic of Madame Tussauds world-famous wax museums is in the eye of the beholder.  Thanks to Memory Card Machine ( and its Your Picture Postcard kiosk, Madame Tussauds visitors can take home brilliant photos with these iconic wax figures, or mail them via postcard to friends and family. 

    Recently, Memory Card Machine decided to switch the printer portion of its Your Picture Postcard kiosks to the CP-9550DW digital photo printer from Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America’s Photo Imaging Division.  According to Mike Maida, founder and principal, Memory Card Machine, the switch couldn’t have been easier, and the print capabilities of the Mitsubishi CP-9550DW have significantly reduced print times for customers.

“With the previous printers, we had a capacity of 100 individual flat sheets,” recalls Maida.  “But changing the paper so frequently meant a great chance that outside factors might jam the printer, especially at the Madame Tussauds Las Vegas location where dust can be very problematic.  We found that all of our kiosks in the Madame Tussauds locations were suffering from frequent paper jams.  And with the high volume of traffic that these museums encounter, this was simply unacceptable.”

Maida continued, “After thorough research, we decided that the Mitsubishi CP-9550DW had exactly the type of features that we needed.  First and foremost, it integrated well with our existing kiosk cabinet, so it made it practically a plug-and-play solution for us.  We also liked the front-loading option that the CP-95500DW offers.  This way we can open our kiosk cabinet door and perform any maintenance or setting changes all from the front.  And that made us very happy.

“Print time has also been drastically reduced, from around one minute to just 20 seconds per print.  That speed translates into less wait time and greater quantity, which makes Madame Tussauds and its customers very happy.”

    The Mitsubishi CP-9550DW digital printers allowed Memory Card Machine to move from using two printers in the kiosk, to a single, 600-sheet capacity Mitsubishi model.  Each roll is ordered with a postcard template on the back, which includes a pre-printed stamp area and postcard back.  Customers then simply use the Your Picture Postcard touchscreen monitor to select a photo, a customized greeting and border, crop the photo accordingly and pay via a bill accepter. Once payment has been authorized, the Mitsubishi CP-9550DW quickly prints out each postcard.

With edge-to-edge printing capability, the CP-9550DW enables Your Picture Postcard kiosks to quickly and efficiently print 4 x 6 customized postcards.  At the same time, the CP-9550DW also employs 16-bit internal processing and a unique dual line head technology, adaptive thermal heat management engine with a 346 dpi thermal head that improves resolution and ensures longer service life.  The result is greater image quality, detail and texture at superior resolutions.

The unit also features a feed mechanism combined with a simplified paper path that delivers the prints at an exceptional speed, two 32MB memory frames so images can be stored in memory while printing, a color image control system that monitors the number of prints remaining and a high speed USB 2.0 connection that provides optimized interconnectivity to the store’s system.

“Postcards account for a nearly $1000 of additional business each month at the Madame Tussauds in New York City, with Las Vegas doing a comparable amount,” said Maida.  “Therefore it was absolutely necessary that we keep our kiosks equipped with fast, reliable printers to keep that business rolling for Madame Tussauds and to keep their customers happy.  In the end, the Mitsubishi CP-9550DW was the perfect fit.”

About Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America
Headquartered in Irvine, Calif., Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America, Inc. is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation of Japan, a worldwide leader in premium quality imaging and presentation products that set the standard in innovation, performance and reliability.   

The Photo Imaging Division of Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America manufactures and markets a wide range of products for the photographic industry, including an extensive line of digital photo printers and kiosks. For information on photo products call toll-free 888-307-0388 or visit

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