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Local Store Provides Big Time Quality and Service: Akre Photo Stop Streamlines Business with Mitsubishi DPS Click 5000 System. - PPA Today

Local Store Provides Big Time Quality and Service: Akre Photo Stop Streamlines Business with Mitsubishi DPS Click 5000 System.


Idaho-based photo retailer now provides the same print speed as larger stores, with the superior service of a boutique shop.

Akre’s Photo Stop in Priest River, Idaho is a popular destination for residents looking to have high-quality photography printing completed quickly. That is why proprietor Sandy Akre recently decided to change her entire line of one-hour, chemical treatment solutions for the DPS Click 5000 digital photo processing system from Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America’s Photo Imaging Division

“We purchased the Click system with two CP-9550DW-U printers and have one set to 4 x 6 and another at 5 x 7,” said Akre. “This means that if we have large orders that come in, we can have both running at once and cut the print time in half. We bought the system from SouthPoint Imaging and have been happy with its performance since it was installed.”

“We were using a one hour chemical photo machine for nearly eight years and we felt the harsh chemicals were making the store tough to comfortably work in and less welcoming to our customers,” Akre continued. “Also, when we took a step back and re-evaluated the process it took to develop photos – mixing the chemicals and meticulously processing each photo – it became evident that we needed something a bit faster.”

“On top of all that, we found that our customers were more frequently bringing in digital cameras that we would have to mail in for printing,” says Akre. “This factored greatly into our decision to invest in an onsite digital photo printer for instant printing. We researched a number of different models and decided on the DPS Click 5000 because of its functionality, ease of use and competitive price point. It has been very easy to use and has enabled us to provide an even greater level of customer service.”

With the two system printers running simultaneously, it is easy for Akre’s staff to quickly fill big orders by simply configuring one printer to supplement the other.

“It only takes a matter of minutes to change the settings and switch the paper and we can do so without worrying about exposing the film or having to deal with chemicals and film paper,” Akre said. “So, for instance, in the summer time when we have a larger crowd of tourists stopping through, we may switch both printers to 4 x 6 to make our operation that much quicker.”

The CP-9550DW-U offers five different output sizes (3.5 x 5, 4 x 6, 5 x 7, 6 x 8, 6 x 9), with edge-to-edge printing, enabling Akre’s Photo Shop to meet nearly any customer demand. At the same time, the CP-9550DW-U also employs 16-bit internal processing and a unique dual line head technology, adaptive thermal heat management engine with a 346 dpi thermal head that improves resolution and ensures longer service life. The result is greater image quality, detail and texture at superior resolutions.

Other features of the CP-9550DW-U include an easy-to-use, convenient front access paper catch tray that holds up to 20 prints, a feed mechanism combined with a simplified paper path that delivers the prints at an exceptional speed, two 32MB memory frames so images can be stored in memory while printing, a color image control system that monitors the number of prints remaining and a high speed USB 2.0 connection that provides optimized interconnectivity to the store’s system.

The DPS Click 5000 system frees up Akre’s employees to focus on other tasks and orders around the store. “We have the system set up on a desk so that all we have to do is help the customers load their memory card and select which files to print. It’s so easy though, most customers can do it themselves and we just check in to make sure they don’t need any additional help.”

The DPS Click 5000 provides a full spectrum of photo editing and enhancement features, allowing customers to zoom in on a specific portion of the image, crop, magnify, enlarge and remove redeye. For specialty image printing, such as photo holiday cards and all occasion cards, Akre’s customers can use the DPS Click 5000 to choose from a set of Aperion frames and borders to easily design and create a personalized announcement for any occasion.

“The DPS Click 5000 system also allows us to print passport photos very quickly using intuitive function buttons to configure the photos for different countries,” said Akre. There are additional settings that we could download for cards, but the system came pre-loaded with so many options we didn’t find it necessary to obtain any more.”

“Overall, the biggest benefit is that we can provide our customers with the same quick turnaround time that was once only available at larger chains. We can provide customers with the same print capabilities but with our own personalized, friendly service.”

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