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Kubota Image Tools Announces Lensbaby Image Enhancing Tools - PPA Today

Kubota Image Tools Announces Lensbaby Image Enhancing Tools

Kubota Image Tools, provider of photographer-empowering creative imaging tools, workflow-saving solutions and educational offerings for photographers of all levels, has announced it has created the new Kubota Creative Tools - The Lensbaby Pak, specially designed to enhance the artistic effects created with  Lensbaby optics. Kevin Kubota, founder of Kubota PhotoDesign and the Idea Guy behind Kubota Image Tools, created the set of Photoshop® image enhancing tools as part of the Lensbaby Kubota Contest.  Winners of the contest, selected by Kubota, were announced previously. The Lensbaby Pak includes 15 brand new Photoshop image enhancement tools Kubota devised to enhance contest-winning images captured with each of the unique six Lensbaby Optics, and includes the Kubota DASHBOARD 3.  

"Lensbaby optics open up a distinctive set of creative options for photographers, and you want to preserve all of that great effect when editing," said Kubota. "These new enhancement tools work with the captured image to add drama and feel without masking the impact of the optics' effects."

Winner of the Lensbaby Kubota Contest, Lisa Schwendemann Smith, received $300 in KubotaBucks, $300 in Lensbaby Bucks and the new Kubota Lensbaby tools for her submission of Atlantic City Pier. A video of her image being edited by Kubota is available on the Kubota Lensbaby tools product page.

"This image has been a favorite of my family and friends for a while now, and it was a thrill to be a finalist. It is a wonderful feeling to have impressed Kevin Kubota enough to be named the winner," said contest winner Lisa Schwendemann Smith. "It was eye-opening to see what Kubota's new Actions could do to enhance the look of this image and I look forward to using the enhancement tools to bring out the best in my other Lensbaby shots. I can't wait to go on a Kubota Image Tools and Lensbaby shopping spree."

The Kubota Lensbaby image enhancement tools are currently available for instant download for $39, here.

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