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Kodak Gallery Partners with Animoto for Video Slideshows

Kodak Gallery has partnered with Animoto, the maker of the innovative and award-winning online video creation service, to make sharing photo memories at Kodak Gallery more compelling and fun with video slideshows.

The partnership enables Kodak Gallery customers to easily create professional-quality video slideshows from their photos in just a few clicks. Kodak Gallery members simply choose a photo album, select a song, and a video slideshow with transition effects is generated for them. And, for a limited time, customers can log on to and receive their first full-length mobile-quality video slideshow for free.

Video slideshows are a great way to showcase the photo memories from a birthday party, wedding, vacation, or other memorable event. Kodak Gallery members can easily share their video slideshows with friends by email, posting a link on their Facebook wall, sending a private message through Facebook, or by downloading the video and burning it to a DVD.

Video Slideshow Overview
Creating a video slideshow is easy. Kodak Gallery members can simply select a photo album, pick a song, and Kodak Gallery will create a 30-second preview video, complete with music and dynamic transition effects. Preview videos can be turned into full-length video slideshows that will be safely stored in his or her Kodak Gallery account, and can be downloaded to a computer. Video slideshows are created using Animoto's proprietary technology that thinks like an actual director and editor, leveraging the same sophisticated post-production skills and techniques that are used in television and film.

Full-length video slideshows are available at three different resolutions: $2.99 for a mobile-phone quality video, $4.99 for TV-quality, and 9.99 for HD-quality.

Music to fit the memory
Kodak Gallery and Animoto offer a wide selection of music genres to fit the occasion and musical tastes, including pop, rock, electronic, hip-hop, indie rock, jazz, singer-songwriter, country and many more options to choose from. The site provides a list of the most popular and recommended songs for specific occasions, such as birthdays, weddings, and vacations to make selecting a song quick and easy. 

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