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Gary Fong Introduces Multi-purpose Tripod Adapter for iPhone - PPA Today

Gary Fong Introduces Multi-purpose Tripod Adapter for iPhone

Gary Fong, Inc., developer and manufacturer of cutting-edge photography equipment designed to help photographers experience new levels of creativity, today introduced its new Tripod Adapter that enables iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS users to maximize their mobile device's photographic capabilities.  The new Gary Fong iPhone adapter affixes to most tripods as well as the popular Gary Fong Flip-Cage lineup of camera stands, enabling both casual and pro shooters to steady their iPhones and produce crisp images and video in a wide variety of lighting situations.

As the iPhone continues to earn praise for its ability to package impressive technology and an increasingly capable camera into one device, the new Tripod Adapter will make it easier for users to achieve professional quality results when using their mobile phone to capture pictures, video, or when streaming two-way video chat. The adapter features a 1/4-20 female tripod socket to affix to most popular tripod models, and is constructed of rugged industrial strength plastic to safely stow inside a backpack or pocket. Apple iPhone owners, who often use the FaceTime capability for streaming video chat, will find their chat partners especially thankful for less nausea-inducing screen shake.

"Photographers, professional or otherwise, continue to embrace their mobile devices as worthwhile companions to their familiar point-and-shoots or DSLRs, and we saw a need to help eliminate some of the challenges associated with using a device like the iPhone to take high-quality images and video," said Gary Fong, internationally renowned photographer and CEO of Gary Fong, Inc.  "By maximizing the iPhone's imaging capabilities, the new Tripod Adapter will open up new possibilities for users to capture print-quality stills, broadcast-ready video or merely stay connected to family and social networks."

The Tripod Adapter for the iPhone is available for $19.95 MAP.  For more information or to purchase the adapter, please visit

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