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Gary Fong Expands Gearguard Lineup with the Introduction of the Lens Lock - PPA Today

Gary Fong Expands Gearguard Lineup with the Introduction of the Lens Lock

fong_lenslock.jpgGary Fong, Inc. has launched the latest addition to its line of innovative security products with the introduction of the GearGuard Lens Lock. Available for Canon and Nikon brand lenses, the Lens Lock is a security device that affixes directly to the lens, in place of the rear lens cap, to safeguard expensive hardware against the constant snatch-and-grab threat photographers face.

With the addition of the GearGuard Lens Lock to the previously released GearGuard Body Lock and Bag Lock, the GearGuard product line now offers a seamless theft deterrent system for a photographer's complete equipment system.  Once the Lens Lock is attached to the camera's rear optic, the irremovable device renders the lens useless to thieves.  When twisted into place, the Lens Lock releases "teeth" that anchor the security cap to the bayonet on the lens mount for a flawless fit.  Made of industrial strength plastic, the Lens Lock can be paired with the GearGuard Security Cable and Combination Lock and attached to a secure anchor point for safe storage or attached to other gear inside a camera bag for added protection and loss prevention.
Following the successful launch of the GearGuard Body Lock and Bag Lock, the Lens Lock promises to be an essential component to every photographer's equipment protection system.  Used together, the GearGuard devices provide a sturdy and portable security solution for less than $100, enabling photographers to focus on the tasks at hand rather than concern themselves with the security of their gear.  

"When we looked at other ways for the GearGuard system to help photographers mitigate theft risks, the Lens Lock was the next logical step for adding an extra layer of security in an affordable package," said Gary Fong, internationally renowned photographer and CEO of Gary Fong, Inc. "With the addition of the Lens Lock to the GearGuard line, photographers have another option for seamlessly integrating extra security to their equipment, wherever their work takes them. I use the new Lens Lock to secure each of my unused lenses whenever I need to leave them in the car or in a hotel room. Photographers will find plenty of their own situations where this level of peace-of-mind is hugely important."

The GearGuard Lens Lock will carry an MAP of $29.95, and will be available for purchase beginning September 10, 2010.  The Combination Lock and 36" steel security cable is sold separately and is available for $9.95 MAP.  For more information or to purchase any of the GearGuard products, visit


It would be cool to see a higher quality video review of the system. It seems like a smart idea to have some sort of "locking" mechanism for all of the photographers who shoot weddings and leave bags in rooms or just with the DJ, but it's hard to tell from the homemade video review on the website and product photos on the durability of the system.

Especially the lens lock - is it only 2 plastic tabs "securing" the lenses? If so, couldn't a thief just pull and break the tabs in a half a second? Even just dropping a lens with it on the cable seems like the tabs would break.

Perhaps it just goes along with the saying that "locks are only to keep your friends and family out". Determined thiefs will find a way - but perhaps it would help protect against the casual thief.


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