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Digital Foci Announces Major Update For Picture Porter 35

Digital Foci, a leading provider of digital photography accessories for consumers and professional photographers, announced today a major new firmware update for the Picture Porter 35 high-capacity 250-500GB portable photo manager.  New essential features in the 1.2.1 firmware update include incremental photo backup for easier backup, full screen preview and selection for convenient viewing, USB mode selection for secondary backup to external USB storage devices, and new professional DSLR extended camera support for RAW, EXIF data, IPTC and histograms.  

Instantly & Securely Store and View Digital Photos, Music and Video Wherever You Go.

Perfect for consumers, professional photographers while traveling, on vacation, or on photo shoots, Picture Porter 35 lets you instantly and securely store and view digital photos, music and video on its hard drive wherever you go.  It features a 3.5-inch color LCD screen for easy viewing; built-in hard drive with 250GB and 500GB capacities; fast copy speeds of 1GB of data under 90 seconds; and a multi-format memory card reader for CF, MMC, SD/HC Card, miniSD, Memory Stick, MS PRO, MS Duo, and xD-Picture card.  The direct miniSD card support, in particular, is a welcomed feature for videographers who take still images with a miniSD card on their digital camcorders.

New Features in Picture Porter 35 1.2.1 Firmware update:

Incremental Backup Convenience
The new Picture Porter 35 1.2.1 firmware update includes an incremental backup feature that allows you to save new photos to an existing folder in the Backup Directory.  This makes backing up photos even more convenient and improves the photo management features for professional photographers and vacationers alike.

USB Mode Selection for USB-Host Function - Connecting to External Hard Drives

The USB-Host function expands support for external hard drives connected to Picture Porter 35.  This provides a convenient and inexpensive method for making a secondary backup of critical photos.  In a simple two-step process, you can easily back up the photos on your memory card to Picture Porter 35 and then connect an external hard drive to Picture Porter 35 to make a second backup.  In addition to connecting USB hard drives and flash drives, you can also connect two Picture Porter 35 devices together to transfer files and share playlists between them.  

Full Screen Preview and Selection - Easily View & Organize Photos on the Road

The new Picture Porter 35 1.2.1 firmware now adds the ability to preview your photos on a full screen, for a total of 4 different screen layout styles: Full Screen, 3x2 Thumbnail View, 5x4 Thumbnail View, and List View.  As you are reviewing your photos, you can take advantage of different file management tools, including Copy, Delete, Export, Rename, Sort by Name or Date, Create New Folders and Add to Playlist.  This is a quick and convenient method for photo management and rough editing while waiting at the airport or in the plane on your way back from a trip or photo shoot.  When you get back to your computer at home, you'll have your photos organized and ready to get started on your post processing.

New DSLR RAW Support with EXIF & Histogram for Pro Photographers

Picture Porter 35 supports RAW images with zoom capability and EXIF/histogram viewing to let you examine photos in greater detail.  Firmware version 1.2.1 adds to the long list of RAW formats already supported by adding the following DSLR models: Canon 1D Mark4, G11, and 7D; Nikon D5000 and D3000; Sony A300, A330, and A550.  As newer models are introduced into the market, Digital Foci will add new RAW support with future firmware releases.  Picture Porter 35 already supports IPTC metadata display, so you can view information, such as headline, copyright owner, and comments that are embedded in the photos.  

"Not only does the Picture Porter 35 relieve you from worrying about limited memory card space for your digital camera, but it's also the best device to help you keep all your photos in one, easy-to-manage location," said Charles Huang, Director of Business Development at Digital Foci.  "Picture Porter 35 gives you the photo management features you need to eliminate bringing a computer on the road, makes it easy to sort through and organize newly acquired photos on the spot, and provides a great way to carry your entire photo collection to show and share whenever you need."

Picture Porter 35 is lightweight and compact, weighing 14 oz. (including hard drive and battery), with dimensions of 5.4" (L) x 3.8" (W) x 1.2" (H).  It is available in 250GB and 500GB capacity configurations, priced at a MSRP of $399 and $499, respectively. Picture Porter 35 comes with USB cable (to computer), USB-OTG cable (to USB Mass Storage Device), AC power adapter, user-replaceable rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, earphones, video cable for RCA video output, custom designed carrying case, wrist strap, and manual.  

Existing Picture Porter 35 users can download firmware version 1.2.1 and update their devices on their own. To download firmware version 1.2.1 release notes and update instructions, go to:

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