Ad image Helps Photographers Land and Stay on Google Page One - PPA Today Helps Photographers Land and Stay on Google Page One has announced the release of a new service that is designed to get professional photographer's studio websites listed on Google Page One.

In today's highly competitive web environment, the importance of search engines cannot be underestimated. Search engines drive over 70% of all internet traffic and an absence on being found through Google gives competitors a chance to receive more calls, gain more exposure, book more shoots, and ultimately become more successful.'s Google Search Optimization program, collagesGSO, is designed exclusively to help prospective customers find professional photography studios.'s team of experts will work closely with the photographer to define keywords that will drive the type of desired traffic to their studio website, and then work daily to maintain the photographer's site on Google page one. guarantees that by utilizing collagesGSO, photography studios will be listed on Google page one within 45 days*.

collagesGSO is accepting a limited number of subscribers in each geographical area. To learn more and started with collagesGSO visit Once professional photographers fill out their contact information, they will receive a call from a GSO consultant and receive the "10 Powerful Ways to Boost Your Google Visibility" PDF at no cost.

*Flash sites are inherently more difficult to get onto Google page one and therefore can require upwards of 60 days or longer to accomplish the objective of landing on Google's page one.

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